A Great Team Wants to Make Great Games

Who We Are?

NoPowerup is a game studio that has been released a lot of wholesome games, some of which are Lumber Empire Tycoon, Idle Success, Idle Digging Tycoon, Idle Light City, Clicker Racing, Amazing Brick, Amazing Thief, Amazing Ninja, 2 Cars, Spring Ninja and Amazing Wire,…

How Did We Become NoPowerup?


Founded by 5 college friends with a common passion for software products.

2014 - 2015

Gained significant success with our hyper casual games - some of which have been published by Ketchapp (Amazing Bricks, 2 Cars,...).

Acknowledged that the life-time of the hyper casual genre was usually short, wanted to enhance the lifetime of products, so as to increase revenue. Eventually spent time researching and finding a new direction.


Started to think about taking riskier opportunities. Clicker Racing was such a bold decision.


After some struggles, we released our proud achievement - Idle Light City in December, which has gained more than 15 million downloads.


Released Idle Digging Tycoon - has also had more than 20 million downloads.

06 - 07/2020

More than 6 million players have downloaded our Idle Success.


Released Lumber Empire Tycoon - one of the best idle-simulation game we've ever made. More than 20 million users have played the game.


Lumber Empire Tycoon hits a new milestone: 50 million downloads!


Aim to develop games that bear deeper and more meaningful content. Moreover, unique matters are undoubtedly our priorities.

Everything will fall into place on every path we take at the right time. Our job here is to focus on doing what we are good at and what we are passionate about. We should focus on our product, and be meticulous in every stage of the production process because ‘Great things take time and effort’. So that when the quantity is accumulated and turns into quality, many opportunities and good results will come to us. But I always have to be alert because there will always be difficulties along with the chances. We always remind ourselves to keep working non-stop, not to let the "let's relax" spirit shake us, and to be ready to face challenges.

Mr. Ngô Đức Hiệp

Chief Executive Officer

About our Product, we strive to create the most realistic and detailed games possible, while also incorporating novelty elements to enhance the gaming experience. We believe in putting ourselves in the shoes of our players and understanding their needs and preferences to deliver products that truly appeal to them. However, we never forget to infuse our unique identity into our creations, bringing innovative ideas to the table. About our Team, we empower them to showcase their talents and grow through their hard work and dedication. We foster a culture of perseverance and professionalism, ensuring that our team is always committed to delivering exceptional products. By encouraging unity within our team, we aim to elevate both the quality of our games and the expertise of our team members, propelling NPU to even greater heights.

Mr. Hoàng Xuân Tùng

Chief Product Officer

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